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Ticket to Ride Japan & Italy Map Collection

Ticket to Ride Japan & Italy Map Collection

Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 7 Japan & Italy includes a double-sided game board the longest yet in the Map Collection series that features Japan on one side and Italy on the other. In the Japan half of the expansion, some routes are reserved for the Bullet Train network, and once such a route is claimed, it can be used by all players to complete destination tickets. To claim such a route, discard a number of cards equal to the length of the route with all the card being the same color, then mark the route with a single Bullet Train miniature; instead of scoring points for such a route, advance your marker on the separate Bullet Train track as many spaces as the length of this route. At the end of the game, whoever has contributed the most to this shared project receives the largest bonus, with the player who contributes least being penalized.

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Ticket to Ride Japan & Italy Map CollectionDOW720132 42.99 38.69

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