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Ticket To Ride: Paris

Ticket To Ride: Paris

Welcome to the city of light! Find yourself transported to the glamorous Paris of the roaring twenties. Jump aboard an open platform bus, cruise down Champs-Elysées Avenue, admire the Eiffel Tower, and conclude your day by enjoying a picturesque sunset from a charming terrace in Montmartre — all without leaving your table. In Paris, when you claim a blue, white, or red route, you keep a transportation card of this color in front of you instead of discarding all of the cards. When you collect a card of each color, you've made a French flag, then you discard these cards and score bonus points. Vive la France! When a player has two or fewer buses left to place on routes, each player takes one final turn, then they score points for the tickets they've completed and lose points for those unfulfilled.

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Ticket To Ride: ParisDOW720066 £21.99 £19.79

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