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Medieval Academy

Medieval Academy

"Welcome, young Students, to Medieval Academy, our Chivalry School. For the next six months, we will train you. You will have to excel at the jousts and the tournaments, you will have to perfect your studies in the codices of our library, and even go on perilous quests in the service of our fair king. During these sessions, you will gain or lose points, and, at the end of the semester, the Student who earned the most points will be knighted by King Arthur himself!" Here comes the new edition of Medieval Academy, all fresh and revamped! Medieval Academy is a fast, dynamic family game. It is a simple card game with very intuitive rules : when you play a red 3 card, you move 3 spaces on the red track. The core of the game is the drafting of the cards between the players. Choices have to be made at each turn. The gameplay is fluid, as everyone plays at the same time, and it is very interactive.

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Medieval AcademyMedieval Academy 34.99 31.49

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