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Hordes Gargantuans

Hordes Gargantuans

At their most desperate hour, the proud trollkin kriels set out to awaken the legendary mountain kings—ancient monsters of unimaginable size and power. Wurmwood, however, has its own designs on the slumbering beasts and plots to turn them on civilization. Meanwhile, the Skorne Empire seeks retribution against an ancient foe, and Everblight works to perfect his most terrifying dragonspawn yet. Bulk up your game with: • Powerful new gargantuans—giant warbeasts that tower over armies and bring all-new strategies to the table. • New warlocks for each faction, including the first-ever warlock units. • New units and solos to expand Hordes armies. • New narrative fiction picking up directly after the exciting events of Hordes: Domination. • A painting and modeling guide to help you prepare your gargantuans for combat. • Theme Force lists for each new warlock, which allow you to create armies based on specialized forces found in the Hordes world.

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Hordes: Gargantuans Soft CoverPIP1051 £22.50 £1.00

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