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Card Sleeves

Card sleeves from Ultra Pro, Paladin, Gamegenic, Sleeve Kings etc.

Arcane Tinmen Arcane Tinmen Board Game Sleeves provide incredible protection for all of your favourite Euro and American-style board games
Gamegenic Gamegenic Board-game cards suffer from frequent shuffling and heavy touching, therefore their protection should be of huge interest to any devoted board gamer. These board-game sleeves provide a premium protection and still keep a great shuffle feel. The extra clear polypropylene material displays all cards 100% translucent and clear. The reinforced thickness of 100 microns adds weight and strength to all cards and provides a premium appearance.
Paladin Sleeves Paladin Sleeves ✭ Premium Quality ✭ Exceptionally Durable ✭ Highest Level of Clarity ✭ 90 Microns Thick ✭ 55 Sleeves / Pack
Sleeve Kings Sleeve Kings Sleeve Kings brings you the best card sleeves for board games and card games! Great For MTG (Magic The Gathering) and other card sleeves.
Ultra Pro Ultra Pro Deck protectors for your board games.

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